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What does meaningful marketing really mean?

Meaningful [ mee-ning-fuhl ] adjective full of meaning, purpose, significance or value; purposeful; significant: 

Meaning. Purpose. Significance. Value.

Every business has a product or service that is meaningful to someone. But building a brand that matters, well that goes further than that.

Purpose-led businesses are driven by their mission to make a positive change. Whether that be for social impact, creating a movement for change, connecting communities or, helping to enrich people’s lives in some way. What these businesses all have in common, large or small, are a strong set of values that guide their strategic direction and everything they say and do.

At Sage PR & Marketing, we work with values-driven businesses and organisations with purpose. Whether they are small businesses with big vision, solopreneurs or micro-business owners who choose to do things differently, not-for-profit organisations or social enterprise with a purpose to make positive change, we love getting behind these changemakers. 

Our purpose is to share theirs. Our goal is to help raise the profile of businesses or business leaders so they may have a voice and make their desired impact. It’s our hope and mission, that by using our skills for good, we may contribute to the rise and ripple of the movement of businesses who are consciously embedding positive outcomes into our communities, societies, and environment.

Working for a purpose

Building a purpose-led brand isn’t done overnight. It takes time, consistent effort, investment, relationships and partner, and ultimately, an unwavering commitment to your vision and mission.

Sure, customers might purchase a service or product but a customer that is loyal to you because your values align with theirs is an indication that you’ve reached a sweet spot. Not only does your purpose need to mean something to your customer; your staff and people also need to believe in what you do and what you stand for. Investing in attracting the right fit people into your organisation, will ensure your teams are aligned with your purpose and committed to helping drive your organisation towards your desired impact. 

Investing in aligning your teams with your vision and marketing can make all the difference to the impact you make. When your people are all on the same page, talking the same language and working towards a common goal, your campaigns have a much greater chance of success. When you bring your people into the creative process, they become invested in your success and take greater ownership of their role within it.

When we work with clients, our focus is first placed on helping business owners and teams reconnect with their core purpose and vision for the future. With common understanding and shared goals, we align marketing and messaging to purpose. Here, our aim is to attract and inspire customers who share this sentiment. This is how we build a meaningful marketing strategy.

Responsible vs meaningful marketing

There is a difference between responsible and meaningful marketing and the two are not to be mistaken as interchangeable.

Responsible marketing is about doing the right thing and making ethical business decisions. Being responsible in your marketing and messaging to not misinform, misguide, manipulate or to cause harm knowingly. As marketers, we have a duty of care. Yes, we want to achieve positive business outcomes, but we need to do this ethically and the right way. 

Meaningful marketing is about connection. Marketing that moves people towards a better outcome, resulting in customers feeling good about their action or purchase, and in turn, contributing to a collective movement towards something greater than them. 

At Sage, we help our clients to connect with people (their audience and customers) about the things that matter most to them. To do this, we create tailored messaging that aligns with their audience around shared goals, values or purpose and this in turn drives conversion – and ultimately, sales. 

Meaningful marketing campaigns that inspire us

Brand storytellers are like great bakers. You can whisk together an incredible recipe but if it’s not presented nicely and doesn’t leave a good taste in people’s mouth, it’s going to be a struggle to get them coming back for more (and grow a successful business). When it comes to meaningful marketing campaigns, our goal is to build connection and drive action. We want people hungry for more and eager to get involved – and to bring their friends too. 

Here are some of our favourite campaigns by champion brands making a positive impact in our community.

OzHarvest – QLD Giving Day

OzHarvest QLD’s Giving Day supports families who are struggling to put food on the table. No one should go hungry left a powerful message for many and the charity successfully delivered over 410,000 meals in July 2023 alone. The demand is higher than ever, with the rise of living costs, domestic violence, mental health, housing stress and cumulative trauma. In addition to the campaign itself, they held a ‘Double your impact’ day, where for 24hrs they matched each donation with $1 providing 4 meals to people who need it. Sage PR were proud to make a small donation to this campaign.

Tourism Noosa – Tread Lightly

Tourism Noosa’s Tread Lightly Noosa initiative encourages holidaymakers and locals to get involved with a variety of events to help with environmental footprint. Activities such as beach and foreshore clean-ups, planting trees and waste warriors on event days all help towards protecting, preserving and looking after its pristine environment.

Noosa Biosphere – Koalas on the Move! 

This is a project Sage PR were involved in as Communications Consultant to the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation. We feel passionate about our local community and working collaboratively to address key issues such as conservation and protection of our precious wildlife – especially our adorable local koalas! Koalas on the Move! was a driver behaviour awareness campaign in 2022, working with multiple stakeholders across community, local and state government. The campaign was a call to arms to the local community to be more aware during breeding season. The call to action, Be Aware. Drive with care. was broadcast across social media, print media, digital communications, and road signage.

Ready to elevate your business?

If you want to elevate your business and start making a bigger impact, get in touch. We’d love to hear about the purpose that drives your business and the impact you hope to make.

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